Tuesday, November 06, 2007

bout time

i have been back in the states since late august and i figured it was about time to update the blog. to be honest it was not until last week that i got the kick in the ass i needed. I was attending the Professional Leadership Project last week in LA and realized for the first time in months I traveled without my journal in hand and was scouring for napkins and pens to write down my thoughts. I have been back and have hardly written at all, not only virtually but tangibly.

I moved to Boston Sept. 1 and so far so good. Here is the quick update: After temping for the development department at the Jewish Women's Archive, I landed a job at the National Initiative for Childrens Healthcare Quality (and I thought my Senior Sigma Alpha Mu Jewish Campus Service Corps title was long). In any case, it is going well and although I am drowning in a whole new sea of acronyms I am enjoying the challenge of learning about a new industry.

It is great to be closer to the niece, i like having Sundays back and I really like the crunch of autumn leaves beneath my shoes. It is hard to be away of Israel, I miss the freedom of learning for the sake of learning, and the great community of friends I made.

My apartment is great with lots of room for guests--so take a hint and come visit!