Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ARR meet MCR

We were all waiting patiently, some may say anxiously for the newest Rosinblum (okay fine, Rosenblum) baby to arrive.

after 2 weeks of contractions, an accupressure massage and a little stage fright Miri has arrived! Officially named Miriam Chana Rosenblum, Miri entered the world just like her big sister after midnight.

Reports from Mom is that she's doing great. Ayelet was introduced this morning and apparently welcomed little Miri with a loud rendition of 'You are My Sunshine'. Amarit is doing well, the birth went according to plan and Miri entered swimmingly.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

things I have learned this week

1. Although I though I had changed, turns out I still don't like oatmeal...and now I am stuck with 2 boxes...
2. I know many people who are new mommies this week: Sarah, Ahava, Glenda, Claire, and Laurie--Mazal Tov!
3. My sister is still very pregnant
4. Retired Generals of the Israeli Defense Forces and high-ranking Mossad officials on Barack Obama

wishing you all a safe, easy and meaningful fast!

will update with delivery news at appropriate time