Tuesday, November 18, 2008

twitter me this

in efforts to check out the newest tools the 'kids' are using these days i was introduced to both twitter and tumblr.

twitter, like facebook is a social networking site. although besides for posting short 140 character updates now and again i don't quite get the point. i guess its like iming or texting via computer.

tumblr is another blog venue. i am finding to be clean and easy to use. i may soon transition out of Place Witty Title Here to: Red Geranium Untitiled at shrosin.tumblr.com

will give the green light when good to go.

The Return of the Fireside Chat

Transparency in government from government? pretty damn cool.

The New Yorker magazine this past week made comparisons between Obama and FDR in their article "New Liberalism". It is worth reading if you are interested in political paradigms and what may or may not lay ahead.

What an exciting time to be studying public policy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Know Your In Grad School When...

1. you no longer have any free time
2. you need new glasses due to the amount of time spent reading thousands of small words on a daily basis
3. being able to read an article in the newspaper or the New Yorker seems like a luxury

and back to analyzing the welfare state we go!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

hip, hip 5K!

We did it! 7 weeks of training and Brian and I each ran across the finish line of the Boston Luv2Run November run. The course was along the Charles River, and although windy--the scenery was quite spectacular. We placed 182 (Brian) and 188 out of 270 runners at 32 min and 33 min respectively. Not too bad for a comfortable pace... Here are some photos:

Thursday, November 06, 2008

cartoon noise

Barack Obama's victory in this past week's election has coincided with some challenging class discussions that have been taking place in my Public Policy program surrounding race. As we discuss American liberalism and the evolution of federalism throughout the last 250+ years and how the idea of race has played into the two, it is interesting to hear how the American people are reacting and responding. Here are some political cartoons from around the country I found interesting commentary:

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

To Hope

For the first time since the disclosure of the Bush administration of WMDs in Iraq, I have renewed faith and hope in our government.

Barack you have inspired me. I look forward to the challenges that will be overcome, and the change we will see in America.

I wish you much luck Mr. President elect.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ARR meet MCR

We were all waiting patiently, some may say anxiously for the newest Rosinblum (okay fine, Rosenblum) baby to arrive.

after 2 weeks of contractions, an accupressure massage and a little stage fright Miri has arrived! Officially named Miriam Chana Rosenblum, Miri entered the world just like her big sister after midnight.

Reports from Mom is that she's doing great. Ayelet was introduced this morning and apparently welcomed little Miri with a loud rendition of 'You are My Sunshine'. Amarit is doing well, the birth went according to plan and Miri entered swimmingly.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

things I have learned this week

1. Although I though I had changed, turns out I still don't like oatmeal...and now I am stuck with 2 boxes...
2. I know many people who are new mommies this week: Sarah, Ahava, Glenda, Claire, and Laurie--Mazal Tov!
3. My sister is still very pregnant
4. Retired Generals of the Israeli Defense Forces and high-ranking Mossad officials on Barack Obama

wishing you all a safe, easy and meaningful fast!

will update with delivery news at appropriate time

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I have been an avid watcher of both the Democratic and Republican conventions over the last weeks. There have been good speeches on both ends, as well as shitty ones. However, last night's speech by Sarah Palin was almost completely forgotten when her soon to be 'I knocked up your daughter' son-in-law stepped onto the stage chewing gum! Gum! Who chews gum at the VP nomination/acceptance speech let alone meeting Sen. John McCain??? I found the whole thing to be so utterly disrespectful. And what about the awkward McCain appearance? It was like he and Palin couldn't stand being in a foot of each other.

I look forward to the debates.

In other news, Brian and I started training for a 5K. A week ago I couldn't run a mile, now I can do 1.5 and not want to collapse when I finish! Race date is Sun. Nov. 9th.

Apologies for not posting pictures from our trip. An album can be found on my flickr site. Here are a few:

I am now back in Boston after a month hiatus. Anna is out and Tirtzah is in. School has begun and I have enjoyed the classes that have started. More on grad school to come.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cults and Concerts

Last weekend I encountered a group who call themselves The Twelve Tribes. It was Saturday afternoon and we were walking along the waterfront on Martha's Vineyard. They were playing music and folk dancing. All the men had moderately long hair tied back in a low pony tails, all the women were long dresses with sleeves to their elbows and high necklines. They too had long hair pulled back in braids.

I will be brutally honest, cults FASCINATE me. I picked up a piece of their literature and started reading about Yeshua their saviour, my first thought was Jews for Jesus. But they weren't awkward like the mumbling Jews for Jesus handing out flyers from their fanny packs on the street corners. The reading also stated they celebrate the Sabbath each Friday by coming together for a large communal meal, song and dance. I speculated with Brian, and our friends Michael and Jessica we were visiting with. I was challenged to take my curiosity a step further, and I did, I went up to a group of young women sitting on the lawn and started up a conversation. I don't know who was more intrigued, me or them. They had Hebrew names, Sarah, Eliana etc... and were a little taken a back when I mentioned I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish community. Of the 5 women who were there 4 of them were born into the Twelve Tribes. The other became a member of the community after frequent visits to one of their coffee shops. The Twelve Tribes has a variety of Coffee shops set up across the U.S. We chatted a bit about the similarities of their mission "living in a conscious community with all income shared" and Kibbutz life. One girl mentioned her father had spent time on a Kibbutz years ago. Israeli folk dancing is incorporated in their community dancing. Women dress modestly, they believe in Jesus but that Jesus did not do away with Old Testament Law. They are Christians and they formed their community in the 1970's. I walked away thinking, hey maybe they really are just choosing to live an alternative lifestyle, maybe its not a cult....Until I came back to Boston and checked out their website. The one defining line for me is that members must cut off ties with non-believers of their past. Although they do have a section reading why they are not a cult, this is what defines it as one for me. I may still take them up on their invite to their coffeehouse in Dorchester though....rumor has it the punch is quite good!

On Tuesday night Brian and I went to go see The Dave Matthews Band. The last time I saw DMB was just about this time 9 years ago. I was with Rami Berner, Daniel Horn and Ariella Joel. It was our first big trip as High School grads. We road tripped up to NY, ate at Dougies, left Ariella's number on the tablecloth for the waiter (unbeknown to her, and not widely received when the waiter actually called), dug through the trash after Daniel left the tickets on the table we walked 3 blocks and realized the mistake, and had an amazing time. There were many high school grads at this concert as well, most of them scantily clad and very drunk. The show was great, Tim Reynolds was a pleasant surprise. Some people may call the followers of Dave Culty themselves. Amongst the half naked teens and droves of college students there were some older fans as well. Some who have seen Dave everytime he or DMB have come to town, others like myself who have just been fans of the music for a long time. They have not come out with a new album in a few years now so the show itself was a nice mix of everything he has done. Among the songs found on the playlist: The Stone, Tripping Bilies, Dreaming Tree, Grey Street, Crush, Grave Digger, and Ants Marching. Like the last concert, I was a bit bummed that he didn't play #41 nor did he play a new favorite Stay or Leave.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photos from Elior and Dave aka Slaw's Wedding

June 15, 2008 Somerset NJ:

Elior Greeting Guests

Elior and Dave at the Bedekin

Esty Altchul, Naomi Korb, Me

Elior and her Parents Walking down the Aisle

From HA to MD (minus Elan)

Elior, Dave, Keren, Me, Naomi

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I heart Brooklyn

On Wednesday night, my ride to NY for a wedding texted me and said: "Hey do you mind if we leave on Friday afternoon instead?". One Friday headache/I should go home early fake out later...we were on the road. With a night to make plans I got very excited about visiting a good high school friend in Brooklyn before heading out to the wedding on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time, lots of food and friends. One of the cooler events was the Renegade Crafts fair that was taking place.
We walked around for a couple of hours before surrenduring to the brutality of the sun. The fair was comprised of local and not so local artists, and one of the main promoters was a website called Etsy or as I like to introduce it "It's like Besty without the B"! Many cool things, and although I didn't have the cash at the time I have since tracked down some of the vendors and bought online including this AWESOME city map off of http://www.orkposters.com/:

They have only a handful of maps at the moment (Brooklyn, Chicago, LA, Manhattan, San Fran.) but maps including Seattle, Portland and Washington D.C. are on the way. I would love to buy one for each major city I have lived in, frame them and have some funky yet practical art for the wall.

I have been a big fan of Esty for a while now after learning about it from a co-worker. Here are some of the other cool things I have purchased there:

Stone Necklace from the Oregon coast: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5609834

Wooden and painted earrings: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5399844

The weekend continued celebrating with friends at the wedding of Elior Parness and David Coleman--pics to follow.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh Canada

It's offical. Brian and I booked our tickets to Calgary and will be off to the Canadian Rockies for the first 10 days in August. The recommendation originally came from a friend when I was open to and looking for global suggestions. It should be a week of hiking, kayaking, caving and if I can get Brian to conquer a fear of being thrown from a raft--whitewater. The guide books claim that Lake Louise, Banff National Park, and Jasper National Park will take your breath away. I'm ready!

I gave final notice to NICHQ that I will be departing July 29th. Its a bit later than I originally hoped. But I had originally wanted to backpack SE Asia. Alas, that trip will have to wait for another time. Good news is the extra couple of paychecks will not only help with this trip (why did the Canadian dollar have to go and trump the U.S.?) but also with a new Macbook I have been eyeing for quite some time now and will come in handy for starting school this fall.

Start date is August 24th and classes begin on the 28th. I have received information on my academic advisor, have realized I will not have dental insurance, and sent my orientation schedule. Although I may complain about it in the future, let the record show I am very much looking forward to getting back into the classroom.

This month is also full of travel: Martha's vineyard, NY/NJ, and Albany. This weekend is in fact my last on in Boston until July...guess the bug has not yet left my system!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Money, Money, Money, Money, MONEY!

the CRAZIEST thing ever happened to me last night as I was walking home from parking my car. As I was walking up the street, a cab came rolling around the corner and as it drove away it appeared that a ton of papers comes flying out. i walked up to see what it was, and it wasn't papers IT WAS MONEY!!! lots of ones and fives all over the street!

I picked it up in this huge bulge and waited for the taxi to come back, but it didn't and I waited some more and then walked up the street and it still didn't come back. A nurse walking to the night shift at the local nursing home asked if I was okay, since apparently I looked as if I were in a total state of shock and I relayed the story. She said she felt bad for the driver, but what an idiot to have left his tips by the window and that I should just go home and not stand on the street with a butt load of cash in my hands.So I shoved it in my pocket (hardly fit) and walked home. I dumped it on Sarah's bed, told her the story, we counted it up and its $80! She was on the phone to her friend Kira who is putting bets that it was one of those 48 hour specials where they tape the 'what would you do' scenario

I don't know what to do. I called the 5 cab companies in the brookline area, left my name and number and said if any driver comes in talking about losing money, they are able to identify the amount and in the area they lost it I am happy to return.

i have been asking folks for their suggestions as to what I should do. Here have been some of the responses:

Friend One:
"I think I say keep some and donate some...maybe there is a way to donate it to people who need taxi rides who might not be able to afford it..."

Friend Two: "Just give it a few days, call every day, and even call out of Brookline. Call Newton, Cambridge, Allston, and Brighton as well. But call every day for a week and if by then no one shows up- give it to tzedakah. Alternatively, take it to the police because then it is out of your hands and you are no longer responsible....But I wouldn't keep it, Shirah. That's tainted money and not really rightfully yours. If it were $5 but this is a lot of money. Probably not what you wanted to hear but that's how I feel."

Friend Three: " Funny enough, I'm remembering some Jewish moral about just this scenario. It says that one is supposed to keep all of the money because tzedakah requires intention. Finding money that one then gives away lacks intention. Do what you will with that. I think that you've taken enough action to try to get the $ back, that you should feel just fine in keeping it... or giving it away... I think it's entirely up to you at this point. I like the 10% for tzedakah idea and keeping the rest. Or if you're really crazy, pay it forward. Just walk into the street, throw it up in the air and walk away (or stick around to watch what happens)"

Friend Four: " i wouldn't worry about ensuring that you call every possible place nor that you call every day. i would just make a call to these other companies to leave your info. and then wait a week - f/u with them to double check and if you don't hear anything, i think the tzedakah option is a really nice idea :)"

Friend Five: my opinion is that you can keep the money. it is certainly not "tainted" - people lose things all the time and you found it totally innocently. here is why i think you can keep it.

1) the owner has likely despaired of getting it back, which means that you aren't really obliged to return it.

2) in "lifnim mishurat hadin" terms it would be good to return it, but you have already revealed the administrative difficulty of carrying out the task (you could still keep trying according to Marni's suggestions, but remember it could also be a cab customer's money, further decreasing the likelihood the owner expects to find it/you will find the owner).

3) money is fungible, that is, it's not a unique object and if the owner is somehow identified you can pay them with another set of bills that equal $80 at no loss to them (money's fungible nature also plays into the fact the owner does like likely expect to get it back)

Friend Six: " i think you are all crazy--- go out, get a stripper. a few bottles of champange and have yourself a wild and crazy night! Just kidding...yeah, donate it I guess and take your self out to a really good dinner and movie.

Friend Seven: "I think its hard to say what I would do because I am not the one right now with the 80 bucks but we can totally talk about it tonight over a few beers and nachos... your treat right???? what if you would have walked by 3 minutes later after the cab had passed and the money was left on the street..... just like finding some money on the street.... what would you do? would you have the same dilema???"

Brother One: "The most noble thing to do would be to give it back to the stripper community. Perhaps use it on a Happy Hour at your local club."

Boyfriend One: " If noone calls back in 24 hours go spend it! OR you can make a charitable contribution to "Brookline Dermatology Associates"--we accept payment in 1's, 5's, 10's, or whatever denomination you'd like!"

What do you think??

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quite Some Time

It has been quite some time since my postings have been somewhat regular. I could blame it on work, but I think at the end of the day I have just felt somewhat blah in my mental stimulation. I rarely find myself engaged in the conversations and learning sessions that really triggered my emotions and internal questioning the way my time at Pardes and working at Nesiya did.

It is the end of April here in Boston and yet it is still 45 degrees outside making me feel as if it were still the start of March. It also means that I have been here 8 months now and luckily i am not itching to get the hell out!

Big updates:

1. I was accepted to the Brandeis Hornstein/Heller joint program for Fall 2008 that will allow me to graduate with a Masters in Public Policy and a MA in Jewish Professional Leadership. I have really enjoyed my experiences here at the National Intiative for Children's Healthcare Quality, where I have been since October, but I also know where my true passions lay and look forward to going back to that table of conversation.

2. I have been dating this great guy now for about 6 months named Brian. He is a dermatologist here in Brookline, and in a true stereotypical fashion we met at a Channukah party. We recently returned from my parent's house for Passover and he seems to have passed with flying colors. I guess anyone who can share a room with Jake for 3 days, talk sports, finances and politics, put up with screaming children and the rest of the tests the Rosin household puts you through is someone worth keeping around...even if he has never seen the Goonies.

3. Jake has one upped my blogging efforts and write quite a witty news brief on random news stories from around the world including his two cents on them all. I feel it my duty as a sister and an avid reader to publicize on his behalf: http://www.jroz-afternoonupdate.blogspot.com/. Here's a recent photo of Jake and I at St. Baldrick's in March, and yes, I am shaving his head and got free beer to do it:

4. I am hoping to travel this summer mid-july-mid august before school begins in the fall. If you have recommendations on locations in SE Asia, central or South America--please let me know!

Here's to a great last day of April!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Coffee In Hand

One thing I really enjoy about Sundays, is the ability to get things done. Laundry, emails, reading, errands and the joy of sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of joe.

I recognize that it has been quite some time since I last wrote. No excuses, just haven't done it. In fact, I haven't been doing much writing since I got back from Israel last August. I sometimes wonder if it is due to the fact that I don't have much to write about or that because I am not writing I am not allowing myself to process and think much of the way I have been doing within the last year.

I have missed that critical thinking aspect of myself and so I have signed up for a class in Radical Jewish thought being offered at a near by Jewish social justice co-op called the Kavod House (translation: house of respect). I am facilitating this afternoon's discussion about how radical Judaism and Jewish identity are understood and described in the articles we were assigned to read.

While I find the articles facinating, I can't say I agree with much of what is said. One article, by the Jews for Urban Justice, argues for a democratic socialist society which is comprised of autonomous religious, cultural, ethinic, and political communities that live side by side without a nationalized education system or capitalistic environment that makes them all conform to one train of thought. They fault mainstream education, political and capatalistic systems for the breakdown of culture, heritage and identity in communities such as the Jewish community among the Appalacian Native tribes, etc... They want to reclaim autonomy on religious practice (an evolved halakah--Jewish law, that incorporates egalitarian and humanitarian ideologies), a renewal of Yiddish as a common language for Jewish communities originally from E. Europe, and a new emphasis of pride and education in Jewish history, culture and practice. While I am all for a renewal of education and tradition and embracing an evolutionized halachic system, my questions lie in the realities of such environments with the polarization of Jews in N. America in various communities and if this can only happen when nationalized systems are broken down.

It seems as if the Jews for Urban Justice blame the deconstruction of the richness of Jewish community in the 'Americanized system' that whitewashes cultures to make a unified peoplehood that by default strips many of their past. By I want to challenge that idea with the statement that the fault cannot lie solely with such a system. If these things are truly important to an individual (i.e. Yiddish, Hebrew, Jewish education, Jewish songs, literature, etc...) than a personal responsibility must also come into play. It is the responsibility of the individual and the community to which that individual belongs to make these things a priority and therefore stress their place and importance. It is my frustration that the article overlooks this element of personal responsibility and it furthermore upsets me that these things are seen of such low priority by others that for many they will disappear.

I am interested in seeing how the conversations this evening go and to participate in this class over the next few months. I will be sure to keep you up to date.

The election for many is just around the corner and it has been a never ending conversation among friends with the overall message that they aren't looking at who is the most qualified democrat, but who is the democrat who can beat John McCain. I have already placed my vote by absentee, and I wish my girl Hillary luck on Tuesday.

I have gotten to do a lot of traveling in the last couple of months visiting good friends in D.C., NY and Chicago. I think it is time to stay put and get to know Boston/New England a bit more.

New photos are up on my flickr site (link on the right hand side of this page)

Happy Voting to you--Shirah

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Proud to be a Friend and a Fan

I feel very lucky to have many friends in my life that make their dreams come true. Here is the newly released video of my friend Dov Rosenblatt's band: Fools for April. It debuted on MTV today and 2 additional songs will air as part of the Real Word Sydney on Jan 16th.

Their EP is available on iTunes and I am glad to help shamelessly promote them. If you enjoy, be sure to pass on the good word.