Monday, June 30, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cults and Concerts

Last weekend I encountered a group who call themselves The Twelve Tribes. It was Saturday afternoon and we were walking along the waterfront on Martha's Vineyard. They were playing music and folk dancing. All the men had moderately long hair tied back in a low pony tails, all the women were long dresses with sleeves to their elbows and high necklines. They too had long hair pulled back in braids.

I will be brutally honest, cults FASCINATE me. I picked up a piece of their literature and started reading about Yeshua their saviour, my first thought was Jews for Jesus. But they weren't awkward like the mumbling Jews for Jesus handing out flyers from their fanny packs on the street corners. The reading also stated they celebrate the Sabbath each Friday by coming together for a large communal meal, song and dance. I speculated with Brian, and our friends Michael and Jessica we were visiting with. I was challenged to take my curiosity a step further, and I did, I went up to a group of young women sitting on the lawn and started up a conversation. I don't know who was more intrigued, me or them. They had Hebrew names, Sarah, Eliana etc... and were a little taken a back when I mentioned I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish community. Of the 5 women who were there 4 of them were born into the Twelve Tribes. The other became a member of the community after frequent visits to one of their coffee shops. The Twelve Tribes has a variety of Coffee shops set up across the U.S. We chatted a bit about the similarities of their mission "living in a conscious community with all income shared" and Kibbutz life. One girl mentioned her father had spent time on a Kibbutz years ago. Israeli folk dancing is incorporated in their community dancing. Women dress modestly, they believe in Jesus but that Jesus did not do away with Old Testament Law. They are Christians and they formed their community in the 1970's. I walked away thinking, hey maybe they really are just choosing to live an alternative lifestyle, maybe its not a cult....Until I came back to Boston and checked out their website. The one defining line for me is that members must cut off ties with non-believers of their past. Although they do have a section reading why they are not a cult, this is what defines it as one for me. I may still take them up on their invite to their coffeehouse in Dorchester though....rumor has it the punch is quite good!

On Tuesday night Brian and I went to go see The Dave Matthews Band. The last time I saw DMB was just about this time 9 years ago. I was with Rami Berner, Daniel Horn and Ariella Joel. It was our first big trip as High School grads. We road tripped up to NY, ate at Dougies, left Ariella's number on the tablecloth for the waiter (unbeknown to her, and not widely received when the waiter actually called), dug through the trash after Daniel left the tickets on the table we walked 3 blocks and realized the mistake, and had an amazing time. There were many high school grads at this concert as well, most of them scantily clad and very drunk. The show was great, Tim Reynolds was a pleasant surprise. Some people may call the followers of Dave Culty themselves. Amongst the half naked teens and droves of college students there were some older fans as well. Some who have seen Dave everytime he or DMB have come to town, others like myself who have just been fans of the music for a long time. They have not come out with a new album in a few years now so the show itself was a nice mix of everything he has done. Among the songs found on the playlist: The Stone, Tripping Bilies, Dreaming Tree, Grey Street, Crush, Grave Digger, and Ants Marching. Like the last concert, I was a bit bummed that he didn't play #41 nor did he play a new favorite Stay or Leave.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photos from Elior and Dave aka Slaw's Wedding

June 15, 2008 Somerset NJ:

Elior Greeting Guests

Elior and Dave at the Bedekin

Esty Altchul, Naomi Korb, Me

Elior and her Parents Walking down the Aisle

From HA to MD (minus Elan)

Elior, Dave, Keren, Me, Naomi

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I heart Brooklyn

On Wednesday night, my ride to NY for a wedding texted me and said: "Hey do you mind if we leave on Friday afternoon instead?". One Friday headache/I should go home early fake out later...we were on the road. With a night to make plans I got very excited about visiting a good high school friend in Brooklyn before heading out to the wedding on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time, lots of food and friends. One of the cooler events was the Renegade Crafts fair that was taking place.
We walked around for a couple of hours before surrenduring to the brutality of the sun. The fair was comprised of local and not so local artists, and one of the main promoters was a website called Etsy or as I like to introduce it "It's like Besty without the B"! Many cool things, and although I didn't have the cash at the time I have since tracked down some of the vendors and bought online including this AWESOME city map off of

They have only a handful of maps at the moment (Brooklyn, Chicago, LA, Manhattan, San Fran.) but maps including Seattle, Portland and Washington D.C. are on the way. I would love to buy one for each major city I have lived in, frame them and have some funky yet practical art for the wall.

I have been a big fan of Esty for a while now after learning about it from a co-worker. Here are some of the other cool things I have purchased there:

Stone Necklace from the Oregon coast:

Wooden and painted earrings:

The weekend continued celebrating with friends at the wedding of Elior Parness and David Coleman--pics to follow.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh Canada

It's offical. Brian and I booked our tickets to Calgary and will be off to the Canadian Rockies for the first 10 days in August. The recommendation originally came from a friend when I was open to and looking for global suggestions. It should be a week of hiking, kayaking, caving and if I can get Brian to conquer a fear of being thrown from a raft--whitewater. The guide books claim that Lake Louise, Banff National Park, and Jasper National Park will take your breath away. I'm ready!

I gave final notice to NICHQ that I will be departing July 29th. Its a bit later than I originally hoped. But I had originally wanted to backpack SE Asia. Alas, that trip will have to wait for another time. Good news is the extra couple of paychecks will not only help with this trip (why did the Canadian dollar have to go and trump the U.S.?) but also with a new Macbook I have been eyeing for quite some time now and will come in handy for starting school this fall.

Start date is August 24th and classes begin on the 28th. I have received information on my academic advisor, have realized I will not have dental insurance, and sent my orientation schedule. Although I may complain about it in the future, let the record show I am very much looking forward to getting back into the classroom.

This month is also full of travel: Martha's vineyard, NY/NJ, and Albany. This weekend is in fact my last on in Boston until July...guess the bug has not yet left my system!