Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quite Some Time

It has been quite some time since my postings have been somewhat regular. I could blame it on work, but I think at the end of the day I have just felt somewhat blah in my mental stimulation. I rarely find myself engaged in the conversations and learning sessions that really triggered my emotions and internal questioning the way my time at Pardes and working at Nesiya did.

It is the end of April here in Boston and yet it is still 45 degrees outside making me feel as if it were still the start of March. It also means that I have been here 8 months now and luckily i am not itching to get the hell out!

Big updates:

1. I was accepted to the Brandeis Hornstein/Heller joint program for Fall 2008 that will allow me to graduate with a Masters in Public Policy and a MA in Jewish Professional Leadership. I have really enjoyed my experiences here at the National Intiative for Children's Healthcare Quality, where I have been since October, but I also know where my true passions lay and look forward to going back to that table of conversation.

2. I have been dating this great guy now for about 6 months named Brian. He is a dermatologist here in Brookline, and in a true stereotypical fashion we met at a Channukah party. We recently returned from my parent's house for Passover and he seems to have passed with flying colors. I guess anyone who can share a room with Jake for 3 days, talk sports, finances and politics, put up with screaming children and the rest of the tests the Rosin household puts you through is someone worth keeping around...even if he has never seen the Goonies.

3. Jake has one upped my blogging efforts and write quite a witty news brief on random news stories from around the world including his two cents on them all. I feel it my duty as a sister and an avid reader to publicize on his behalf: Here's a recent photo of Jake and I at St. Baldrick's in March, and yes, I am shaving his head and got free beer to do it:

4. I am hoping to travel this summer mid-july-mid august before school begins in the fall. If you have recommendations on locations in SE Asia, central or South America--please let me know!

Here's to a great last day of April!