Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Thursday, September 04, 2008


I have been an avid watcher of both the Democratic and Republican conventions over the last weeks. There have been good speeches on both ends, as well as shitty ones. However, last night's speech by Sarah Palin was almost completely forgotten when her soon to be 'I knocked up your daughter' son-in-law stepped onto the stage chewing gum! Gum! Who chews gum at the VP nomination/acceptance speech let alone meeting Sen. John McCain??? I found the whole thing to be so utterly disrespectful. And what about the awkward McCain appearance? It was like he and Palin couldn't stand being in a foot of each other.

I look forward to the debates.

In other news, Brian and I started training for a 5K. A week ago I couldn't run a mile, now I can do 1.5 and not want to collapse when I finish! Race date is Sun. Nov. 9th.

Apologies for not posting pictures from our trip. An album can be found on my flickr site. Here are a few:

I am now back in Boston after a month hiatus. Anna is out and Tirtzah is in. School has begun and I have enjoyed the classes that have started. More on grad school to come.